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Lighting a Gas Fireplace

Posted by All Seasons Fireplace on Oct 5, 2018 4:30:18 PM

Fall has arrived and it's time to start using your gas fireplace.

Lighting a gas fireplace is intimidating for most people but once you get comfortable, you are capable of doing it yourself. Natural gas is a powerful fuel and if you are not careful, you could cause an explosion.The local gas company or your fireplace dealer can provide some hand holding, if you need it.

We will offer a list of the steps used to light the pilot and start your manual gas fireplace and we will explain how to start your fireplace if it is operated with a remote control or wall switch system.

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What is a Vent Free Fireplace and is it Safe?

Posted by All Seasons Fireplace on Aug 10, 2017 5:00:00 PM

A vent-free fireplace is a fireplace that does not include a chimney and draws indoor air to fuel the fire. These fireplaces require natural gas, gel fuel or electricity to operate.  Most electric fireplaces do not pose a threat to indoor air quality but fireplace safety due to air qualtiy should be considered when choosing a vent free gas or gel fueled fireplace. Careful consideration of the ventilation system in your home should eliminate the risk. 

Some of the bi-products of poor ventilation are:

  •    Carbon Dioxide
  •    Carbon Monoxide
  •    Formaldehyde
  •    Water Vapor
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Introducing a New Product for Fireplace Installation!

Posted by All Seasons Fireplace on Jun 8, 2017 8:30:00 PM

We are excited to introduce a new product we are carrying for fireplace installation called Skamotec 225 by Skamol.

This is an innovative new product for fireplace enclosures. It’s a light-weight, non-combustible building board that simplifies the construction process to one building material.Skamotec 225 Special Offer

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5 Best Practices in Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Posted by All Seasons Fireplace on Jun 8, 2017 11:06:58 AM

Regular maintenance is critical to a safe and proper functioning gas fireplace.

Your gas fireplace is unique to the other appliances in your home. In order to keep it functioning you'll need to schedule annual maintenance. An annual tune up will extend the life of your fireplace and will make it function most effectively and efficiently. 

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Fire Code Safety Update

Posted by All Seasons Fireplace on Apr 21, 2016 2:29:05 PM

When we think about fireplaces we often think of warm and comfy moments where family and friends gather for special occasions.  But there is a destructive element to fire that we at All Seasons Fireplace take very seriously.  Last week, AIA Minnesota invited the fire marshal to update members and guests about the new fire code in Minnesota which goes into effect on May 2. There was good news and bad news.

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