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All Seasons Fireplace works with, architects, developers, design/build firms, contractors and individual homeowners.

We started working with TreHus on the project and they recommended going to All Seasons. We went to All Seasons where we were greeted by Joe. He listened to us and guided us to a fireplace that would suit us well. Between All Seasons guiding us to a good fit for us and TreHus showing us a visual of what it would look like upon finishing, we are very happy with the finished product! Joe W.
We like to use All Seasons Fireplace because we have a good working relationship. Good relationships are vital to Crown and to our clients. We have discovered a sequence of communication between the professionals that guarantees a successful outcome.

Elisabeth Hoff - Crown Construction

I recommend All Seasons all the time, I do. Customer service is the game changer and All Seasons has excellent customer service. Cindy M.

We asked Mark Nelson from David Heide Studio to describe the situation that brought him to work with All Seasons Fireplace.

Oh yes, I remember it very clearly. We were working on a custom condo remodel involving a complicated power vent linear fireplace with one of your competitors and it wasn’t going well. Frustrated, our client stopped the process with the other fireplace company. We came to Joe and he picked up the project and finished in a very short time frame to our satisfaction and to the satisfaction of our client. We have been coming to Joe ever since.

Mark Nelson - David Heide Studio


Katie Jaydan of White Crane tells us how working with All Seasons Fireplace enhances the lives of her clients.

A home is a very special place for people; a home is a place where we should find safety, respite and peace. We help our clients find that harmony within their homes.

Katie Jaydan - White Crane

Pier/Peninsula three sided fireplace

Discover the inspiring story of a homeowner who took control of her own project. Dive into her journey working alongside All Seasons Fireplace and be inspired by her experience.

We’re first time home owners and decided to redo the fireplace. We felt it was a significant remodel project so tried to get as many quotes as we could. Joe at All Seasons was very reasonable. A little more than some of the competitors but the fireplace itself was more real/authentic. We were going for a more modern look than traditional and went with the Valor L2 linear fireplace based on the size of the space we wanted to heat and the size of the wall where we were installing it. We designed the remodel ourselves, which was a little scary, but Joe and his contractor Chris (Candlewood Carpentry) did a great job bringing it to life. Joe was easy to work with, responsive and made sure we were happy. I’d recommend All Seasons if you’re doing a remodel like this. We are so pleased with the results!

Briana Google Reviews