Gas Fireplace and Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

A wood-burning fireplace insert is a modern way to enjoy the magic of a natural fire.  The closed combustion system offers cleaner and more efficient burning for optimal energy usage. Our inserts have been tested to meet the highest required environmental standards.  Read this page for more information on the 2020 standards.

The clean lines of this Spartherm fireplace insert offer easy installation and functionality with a modern appearance. You can watch an example of the Spartherm wood-burning fireplace in the video below.  This is what one customer had to say about his two Spartherm fireplace inserts. 

"The Spartherm inserts are exactly what we wanted in our "new" home. The construction of these inserts is remarkable. Of note, is that Spartherm inserts are German-engineered and meticulously produced. We are looking forward to many years of safe, warm fires in our home".  Brian



Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert Brands:



Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are sized based on the size of the masonry opening and the area you need to heat. One of the benefits of owning a gas fireplace insert is that it functions as a secondary heat source and allows you to heat only the room that you are using at the time.  There is a term for it, it's called zone heating and it lowers your heating bills in the wintertime. We recommend an annual tune-up to ensure that the insert continues to function safely and efficiently. Listen to what this homeowner has to say about her gas fireplace insert installed by All Seasons Fireplace in 2005.


So how does it work? 

1) Simply measure the firebox of your existing masonry fireplace and visit our showroom to select the style of insert you like from our inserts on display.   

2) Schedule a preview appointment where we visit your home to double-check your dimensions and create a venting plan and gas line if necessary.

3) Our licensed installation crew will install the insert and schedule the city inspection.  

4) Learn about how to operate and maintain your insert.

 This page on our blog describes all the benefits of a gas fireplace insert.

Gas Fireplace Insert: Brands

We sell and install several different brands of gas fireplace inserts, and all of them are among the best on the market today.