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Freestanding gas and wood-burning stoves add the warmth and comfort of a fireplace with a less involved installation process.  

Modern gas and wood-burning stoves heat larger areas for longer periods of time than older stoves. And because they use new technology, they vent fewer harmful emissions and provide a comfortable experience. Read this post for more information on the new 2020 EPA wood-burning standards.


Wood-Burning Stoves

Gas Burning Stoves

Focus (



Enjoy the video below showing the Focus Agorafocus Wood-Burning fireplace.  This fireplace was installed in the North woods of Minnesota. 


The Malm brand of stove is a custom-ordered product manufactured in California. Malm is available in gas or wood-burning and can be ordered in 10 enamel paint colors or specialty metal finishes such as brass, copper, nickel and stainless steel.  

The customer had this to say about her stove installed in 2022. 



Here's the beauty! It's in my four seasons porch...therefore 6 windows.
It's my favorite thing in the whole house!!!
Thanks, mucho!


Please expect to allow 8-12 months for delivery.



J.C. Bordelet

Bordelet 2022


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