5 Benefits of a Natural Gas Fireplace

Choosing a gas fireplace to warm your space is a smart and fun solution to your home or office design needs. Everyone loves a fireplace and these 5 reasons should help you determine if a gas fireplace is the right design solution for you.

5 Benefits of a Natural Gas Fireplace:

  1. Immediate Heat
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Safety
  4. Aesthetics
  5. Easy Installation

Immediate Heat

A natural gas fireplace provides heat as soon as it is turned on! Turning it on and off is as easy as flicking a switch or using a remote control. Some models can include a fan that will help circulate warm air into the room which warms the room even faster. 

Energy Efficiency

A natural gas fireplace is clean burning and is considered by some to be a more sustainable option than wood. Inside and outside air quality stays clean and free from soot, smoke, and particulates. Many people use their gas fireplaces to provide "zone heating", which means they only heat the areas of their home that are in use. 


All of the fireplaces sold through a dealer have met rigorous safety standards. There are automatic settings that will prompt the unit to turn off the pilot when the fireplace has not been in use for several days. Every new installation is examined by the city inspector before start up. All Seasons Fireplace recommends a yearly service check up from a trained professional to ensure proper function. 


Manufacturers are offering classic and contemporary options that can satisfy most needs in terms of design. Ceramic logs are hand crafted to look real. Embers glow around the logs and look just like a real fire. Some manufacturers include back lighting so you can enjoy the fireplace even when it isn't burning. 

Easy Installation

A gas fireplace can be added to almost any home and a gas insert can replace a drafty and dirty wood burning fireplace in a few days time. Venting can be dropped down an existing chimney if the chimney is secure or new venting can be added up and outside your home with the proper air exchange already programmed by the manufacturer. Non combustible wall board like Skamotec 225, makes adding a new fireplace safe and easy. 

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