How to Avoid a Craigslist Fireplace Nightmare- Three Questions to Ask


Considering buying a used fireplace from Craigslist ?

We are here to save you from a decision you might regret. Reclaimed fireplaces are rarely the deal you think they are. Yes, believe it or not, we get this question a lot.

Your goal is to create a safe and warm place in your home for your family and friends to gather. Consider these questions before you purchase a used fireplace:

  • Why the previous owner abandoned the appliance?

    There is a reason why the homeowner abandoned the fireplace. Chances are the fireplace was not functioning correctly or safely. Fireplace maintenance is vital to the longevity of a gas fireplace and if the homeowner has neglected the regular maintenance, the parts may be too damaged to recover. So that leads to the next question….?


  • Will you be able to restore the fireplace?

    In order to restore it you’ll need knowledge of the brand, mechanical aptitude and access to replacement parts. You don't really want to ask your uncle Phil to spend time working on a nightmare project.  Which leads to the next question…..?


  • What is the brand and model and are the parts available?

    Parts are brand, model and often, serial number, specific. This is where the cost benefit analysis comes into play. You’ll call multiple fireplace stores only to find that the fireplace has been discontinued or the company was sold and the parts are no longer available. Congratulations, now you can load it up and take it to the dump. Or, you invest time and money into a temporary solution only to find you'll be calling a technician over every season to troubleshoot another issue.  


Now imagine the fairytale ending.

You have read our warning and decide to visit a local fireplace dealer. This dealer has been serving the community for many years and works with manufacturers who stand behind their products. The dealer guides you to a fireplace that is supported by a reputable manufacturer and a team of service professionals who will keep your fireplace functioning safely and beautifully for years.  You and your family and friends enjoy the benefits of a smart decision.

Listen to what this customer has to say about his experience. 


Learn about how the Valor fireplace brand supports dealers who support the consumer in this video.

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