5 Tips For Fireplace Design

Your fireplace design begins with the technical details and ends with the aesthetic details.  Be sure to address every aspect for a successful fireplace design project.

1. What is the size of the area you want to heat? All fireplaces are tested to see how many BTUs of heat they generate.  If you are heating a space with high ceilings and an open floor plan, you will want to consider a fireplace that generates more BTUs than a smaller room which is closed off from the rest of the house. 

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Fireplaces Add Value to Your Home

Does a Fireplace Add value to your Home?

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Salmon Recipe and for the Primo Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Check out this salmon recipe with mango salsa cooked on the Primo Ceramic Charcoal Grill. 

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Outdoor Living Inspiration

With the sun making a come back to our side of the world, we are ready to head outdoors to relax and entertain.  We found this beautiful new grill from Holland to help you bring beauty, warmth, food and friendship to your outdoor space.

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Custom Fireplace Doors Breathe New Life into Twin Cities Bungalow


Fireplace doors make wood burning fireplaces safer and more convenient to use.  We think this result is stunning! Read on to hear the whole story. 

 What was here when you moved in?

   There was a square brass and glass door that covered the arch of the fireplace opening. It never fit very well and stuck out onto the hearth. It was difficult to open and got in the way.  We always thought a custom door would be outrageously expensive.


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