Multi-Sided Fireplace Design on Lake Minnetonka


As temperatures start to drop again, we bring our attention back to the places indoors where we gather for quiet moments with our family and friends. This remodeling project in a private neighborhood on Lake Minnetonka reflects the thoughtful planning and masterful execution that only seasoned craftspeople can deliver. Many thanks go out to our team members on this project who were Scott Goodwin Construction, Laura Paulson Designer, and Brad Norris of ENVR stone fabrication.  Photography provided by Jordan Powers.

When I arrived in this neighborhood through the stone gate I was prepared for something out of the ordinary. This homeowner explained to me when we did this photoshoot that his favorite thing is waking in the morning to the sight of his boat floating on gentle lapping waves at the dock outside.

Two-Sided Element4 Fireplace

The Element4 fireplace never fails to impress and this is why designers choose it over and over again. As one of the first brands on the scene to offer seamless views of the fire, Element4 continues to focus on simplicity and elegance. This fireplace is the 240 which is the largest of its kind and the designer used the forest path media. We think the design and construction in this result complement the fireplace perfectly. It’s been so popular our customers present with images from our website and say, “I want this in my living room”.

Floating Walnut Hearth

Creating this result is no easy task. The back story is the engineering that took place behind the scenes. This floating walnut hearth is supported by metal studs and the wall cavity surrounding the fireplace was created to manage the heat and move it away from the glass surfaces.


Constantino’s Dekton Trilium Tiles

In this design, the vents at the ceiling are cleverly masked by the custom metal trim designed by the contractor. These same metal trim pieces create relief between the large Dekton tiles on the walls. Our photographer reveals this detail in the video above. The image below shows the inset on the left of the fireplace where a closet in the adjacent master bedroom allows access to the fireplace controls.

The stone fabrication and installation were done by Brad Norris and his team at ENVR. This is what he had to say about the project.

The product we put on the fireplace is Cosentino's Dekton, in the color, Trilium in 8mm thickness.  The panels are basically big tiles that appear to be patinated metal.  They are separated by real metal bands to show some relief.

The fireplace produces a lot of heat so the (noncombustible) panels are bonded to the wall to address that. The care and maintenance are very minimal.

We think it turned out very cool. The look is industrial yet very warm and earthy. I love the fireplace itself with the big ten-foot flame of the 240 shown here and even in the smaller intimate three-foot length of the 95. I wish I had space enough in my home to accept it.

For more information on the types of fireplaces available go to this page on our website and click on this link to make an appointment to visit our showroom.


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