5 Best Practices in Gas Fireplace Maintenance


Regular maintenance is critical to a safe and proper functioning gas fireplace.

Your gas fireplace is unique to the other appliances in your home. In order to keep it functioning you'll need to schedule annual maintenance. An annual tune up will extend the life of your fireplace and will make it function most effectively and efficiently. 

When your fireplace is not in use, spiders and dust clog up the controls and may prevent proper ignition in the fall.  A properly trained technician will do a complete check of the valves and ignition system,clean and reset the logs and ember bed and test the gas line.  


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Be the responsible home owner you know you are and schedule a professional gas fireplace maintenance tune-up before September. Technicians are more available and special rates are offeredHere are some of the things you should expect from a professional gas fireplace tune- up.

Gas Fireplace Tune- Up
Five Essential Check Points in the Annual Tune Up

  • Test the gas line This is most important part of the tune-up and you want to make sure you hire a technician with the skill to measure and adjust the gas pressure. Not only will he or she make sure the lines are not leaking but he or she will adjust the gas to pressure so that fireplace functions smoothly and safely. 
  • Clean and Inspect the pilot assembly The pilot assembly can make a nice home for spiders in the summer months and these little critters can take the spark out of your fire if left unattended.
  • Check thermocouple millivolts  The thermocouple is a sensor that senses when the pilot light is burning- output levels should be between 25-35 milivolts.
  • Check ignition control sequence This is a system of flame sensors and valves that allows the fireplace to light.
  • Check operation of safety controls  Most modern fireplaces have safety shut off systems in place in case of malfunction.  Your technician should check these systems during the inspection.

These are just 5 of the 19 steps we take to tune-up your gas fireplace.  Now is the time to have your fireplace tuned up. Give us a call or click on the link to receive special limited time pricing.

Congratulations on taking care of your home and family. Now go out and enjoy summer and know that when it's time to hunker down in front of the fire with a good book, you will be ready.




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