Winter Hazard Awareness Week

November 10 through November 14 is Winter Hazard Awareness Week here in Minnesota, and Wednesday, November 12 is Winter Fire Safety Day. Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety in collaboration with the National Weather Service and other government and non-profit agencies, it seeks to educate, remind, reinforce and inform about the behaviors that lead to a safe and comfortable winter.

We here at All Seasons Fireplace take fireplace safety very seriously, so we thought we would give you a rundown of all of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety tips for safe fireplace use.

  • Every year before the start of the cold season, your chimney should be inspected by a professional chimney sweep. It should also be inspected periodically throughout the entire year to ensure it does not need repair work done.
  • If the sweep finds a build-up of creosote, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Creosote is highly combustible.
  • When you are using your fireplace, the fireplace screen should always be in place.
  • You should only use well-seasoned, clean and dry firewood in your fireplace. Never use damp wood.
  • Always be sure your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are properly installed and working as they should be.
  • If you have a wood stove, always make sure it is properly ventilated. A trustworthy and experienced company like All Seasons Fireplace will make sure it’s ventilated and set up properly when we install it in your home.
  • Be sure that there are no items that sit too close to the stove, the flue pipes or the floors around the stove. This is a fire hazard that is easily avoided. Items should be at least five feet from the stove.

If you follow these safety guidelines, you should be able to enjoy your fireplace or wood-burning stove safely!

And if you would like more information about fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and more, call All Seasons Fireplace at 952-546-6162 or contact us to Schedule a Consultation.

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