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The OFYR grill from Holland is our new favorite outdoor living product. Bring beauty, warmth, food and friendship to your outdoor space with this beautiful corten steel grill.
The OFYR grill, in corten steel, is as much an art piece as it is a grill for your garden and it will expand your definition of outdoor living. Use it as a dramatic fire feature to simply light up your garden party or gather the group around to sample OFYR grilled specialties. 

This wood fueled grill features a wide, flat rim that doubles as a hot plate. The flat rim provides a smooth temperature gradient which allows for a wider temperature range for precise cooking. Fry eggs, steam vegetables or sear a tender steak.


The OFYR outdoor cooking system includes a butcher block solid wood cutting board for food preparation, a sturdy steel grate for cooking directly over the wood fire and cedar planks to add a touch of smoke to the flavor of your food.  Simply soak the cedar planks in water for an hour before use and enjoy the complex smoky flavor this technique adds to your fish, seafood or meat.  Salmon is particularly good on a cedar plank!

The OFYR system also includes a Corten wood storage bench which creates a stylish seating area and doubles as storage for your wood supply.  This modular system allows you to purchase the grill, stand and storage separately. The beautiful steel storage unit will transform a stack of wood into an attractive wall. These storage walls include a hinged top shelf for hidden storage. 

Contact the store to hear about our demonstrations held on Saturdays during the summer months. We have a wide variety of grills to enhance your outdoor living this season.  Let us help you get this party started!

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