How to Clean My Gas Grill

Every machine works better when it is clean and if you enjoy grilling, it's very likely your grill needs a good cleaning before the summer season of entertaining starts. Follow these 8 steps to clean your gas grill to make sure you're getting the most efficiency from your appliance. We're using a Broilmaster grill that has seen several years of use and is still performing well because it's cleaned and repaired regularly. Our Broilmaster customers use their grills for at least 20 years before they have to replace the whole grill.

  1. Scrape grease off the top and sides of the grill. Some may mistakenly believe that the paint is peeling off their grill, but in reality, it's just built-up grease from all those delicious meals you've been grilling! A spatula is all you need to tackle this step a gas grill
  2. Clean the grates.Take out the grates, give them a good scrape with a wire brush, and then give them a thorough wash to ensure they're sparkling clean.

  3. Inspect the briquettes and replace the broken briquettes with new ones. You can purchase briquettes at any grill dealer. Briquettes vaporize the juices from your food and give your food that grilled flavor you love. There isn't anything wrong with your grill if briquettes are broken, moisture causes them to crack over time. 

  4. Remove the venturi tubes and inspect the burner. Make sure the venturi tubes are clear of debris and the burner is free of spider webs or other debris. You can simply blow these orifices to clear them or you can use a wire tool which is designed especially for this type of cleaning.

  5. Scrape the grease from all sides of the grill and clean the debris from the grill cavity.

  6. Verify that the igniter produces a spark when the button is pressed.
  7. After replacing the burner, spark up the flames and check for an even distribution of heat across the entire burner. If you notice a concentration of flames in one area, it could indicate a rusted or clogged burner. Use a wire brush to clear any debris, avoiding the use of water. Your local grill dealer will have replacement burners available, just make sure to provide them with the make, model, and size of your grill to ensure you get the correct replacement.

    This image shows the male and female burner connection. 

    This image shows the burner properly connected to the gas supply. This is located on the underside of the grill. 

  8. Replace the grates if they are warped or worn. Stainless steel grates offer superior performance for your grill.
That's it! You are ready to fire up the grill and invite the gang over. If you would like to learn more about the grills we offer at All Seasons Fireplace, go to this page on our website and be sure to visit the showroom where we can demonstrate how to use your grill. Grill Products at All Seasons Fireplace 


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