Electric Fireplaces- 5 Benefits and Limitations

Interior designers are turning to electric fireplaces to provide a welcoming focal point in commercial and residential settings. Read more about the heating capabilities, installation, aesthetics, safety and efficiency of the new electric fireplaces.

Very Little Heat

The electric fireplaces on the market today do not produce a lot of heat.  Some people suggest that a hair dryer produces as much heat as most electric fireplaces.  This can be an advantage in crowded reception areas where you would like a warm greeting for guests without having to worry about managing the temperature in the room.  We are selling electric fireplaces for every kind of commercial setting from restaurants to health clubs to architectural firms.  Heat is not the number one requirement of the design solution in this case.  Gas appliances are considered to be the best option if you are looking for a reliable heat source.

Easy Installation

Besides the normal build out of the surrounding wall structure and an electrical connection, the installation of an electric fireplace is as simple as placement and connection.  There is no need to create a venting plan within the wall structure as is the case for gas burning fireplaces.  

Your architectural plans should include the positioning of the electric fireplace so that the electrical source can be supplied in the first stage of construction. The fireplace will be installed in the second fix process.  Be sure that all construction dust has been removed before installing your electric fireplace. It is a good idea to have the unit delivered at the time of installation in order to ensure that it isn't damaged during the build out process.  


Electric fireplaces can offer surprisingly beautiful aesthetics.  Manufacturers have even found a way to recreate the crackling sound of a natural fireplace, something we have not seen yet from our gas fireplace manufacturers. Take a look at the video of the Dimplex Ignite XL 


Installation by a licensed electrician including an inspection from your city inspector should ensure that the fireplace operates safely. Read the manual before you install the appliance. Everything you need to know should be supplied by the dealer and the reputable manufacturers provide their manuals on line. If you are using a contractor, it's best to monitor the installation.  Never use an extension cord to power your unit and make sure the outlet you use is grounded properly.

As is the case with any appliance that produces heat, keep all combustible materials at least 3 feet away from the heat source and make sure not to block the fresh air intake. As you would expect, an electric fireplace may not be the best choice for a bathroom or any room where water may come in contact with the unit.  

Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Electric appliances are generally thought of as being the choice for the conservation minded individual. Electric energy is perceived to be the cleanest solution because there are no bi products from combustion.  You can read all about it here.  US Energy Information


If you want to read more about the different types of fireplaces available, this page will help you compare all the options.

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