Hearthstone Sustainable Green Energy Solutions offer residential energy tax credit if purchased in 2022.

Discover a wood burning stove that offers beauty, comfort and efficiency

The Hearthstone line of wood burning products includes traditional and modern designs in soapstone and cast iron.

Cast iron and soapstone lined fireboxes retain the maximum amount of heat from your fire and radiate steady warmth as it burns, delivering long-lasting, comfortable heat.

The TruHybrid tm system combines primary and secondary combustion with tertiary combustion using a catalyst. Engage the catalyst to complete the combustion and get as much heat from your wood as possible.

  • Download the Hearthstone brochure from the form to select a stove from the 24 stoves that qualify.
  • Visit our showroom to order your stove and arrange installation.
  • Follow this link for the federal tax credit qualification certificate.
  • Secure a 26% tax credit on the cost of purchase and installation if purchased before the end of 2022.
  • Complete the tax form 5695 

    Follow this link for more information on wood-burning stoves

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